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Friday, July 13, 2018

What and When is Fallout: Nukeland?

The Nukeland Area is located in old-world Oakland. The greater area is known as the Baylands, and includes Nukeland and Shi-Town (San Francisco), among other regions. The area is roughly 375 miles northwest of Shady Sands, seat of the New California Republic, and 400 miles north-northwest of the Boneyard, a prominent NCR town built on the ruins of old Los Angeles.

The Master and his army of Super Mutants (operating out of a secret Vault beneath the Boneyard) were destroyed in 2162 by unknown forces; the Enclave’s super mutant breeding facility at the Mariposa Military Base, just 150 miles east of Nukeland, was also destroyed in 2237, almost 40 years ago.

In the 2240s, tensions were high in San Francisco, as the Shi, descendants of Chinese submarine forces with advanced technology were being challenged by an influx of Hubologists who had settled at the Golden Gate Bridge. The Hubologists eventually perished in a space shuttle explosion, leaving the Shi unchallenged. Not long after, unknown forces stole a tanker from the Shi-Town harbor and destroyed the Enclave's offshore Poseidon Energy Oil Rig. Shi-Town itself was later nuked by remnants of the Enclave, who decided they had played a key role in the oil rig explosion.

By the 2270’s, the New California Republic had been expanding in all directions; their scouts and traders are beginning to poke around Nukeland and Shi-Town looking for expansion, scav, or trade potential.

2278: The territory of Nukeland has risen from the ashes of Old Oakland. The New California Republic is eager to absorb this territory, but they are overextended in the Mojave Desert. The Empire of Shi, built on the ruins of San Francisco, has one shot to claim Nukeland for its own before the NCR.

Note: mid-October 2281 is when “Fallout: New Vegas” begins, and late October 2287 is when “Fallout 4” begins.

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