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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Roleplaying Game SRD Goodness!

It's been a good couple of weeks to be a gamer. A few Kickstarters are shipping out some long-awaited content (I just received Hillfolk in the mail, as well as the/a* Fate System Toolkit).

A few systems have also published open, free system reference documents (SRDs).

  • Fate (and Fate Accelerated Edition) - soon to include the Toolkit (this was released awhile back)
  • GUMSHOE (the system behind Trail of Cthulhu, Esoterrorists, Ashen Stars, and more)
  • DramaSystem (featured in the new Hillfolk RPG) - I finally got to play this at BigBadCon
  • 13th Age (the Archmage Engine, as they call it)
  • WaRP (Wanton Role-Playing) - used in Over the Edge, which I'm not familiar with

If you've been interested in any of these systems, give their SRD a look.

* Evil Hat insists that this is not *the* definitive Toolkit for the Fate System, but merely *a* toolkit.

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