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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Fallout 4 Build, Part 1

The Milkman, an outfit I've been trying to perfect for Fallout 4.

I manage my Fallout 4 mods with Nexus Mod Manager, Currently, I have 256 Mods active, which map to 251 plugins. Some of these plugins are actually multiple plugins grouped together using FO4edit. It's a little messy when you look at the load order, but it means more room for other plugins.

Crafting Workbenches is what the modding community used to build weapons, armor, etc. in-game for much of Fallout 4's modding history, because we didn't have the Contraptions Workshop. Contraptions Workshop makes the process a little more "honest" maybe, but Crafting Workbenches was there when we needed it. And a lot of other mods include patches so that their items can be made at a workbench instead of just in the catch-all "Utility" section of the Chemistry Station.

Of the mods which click into Crafting Workbenches, Craftable Armor Size is pretty keen: it allows you to change pieces of armor from Light, to Sturdy, to Heavy, depending on your needs. A related mod, Custom Combat Armor (or Craftable Custom Combat Armor as it appears on my mod list) allows one to add paint jobs, textures, and other features, above and beyond the coloration that comes with each of the various armor options.

Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Garage provides 106 paint styles for all of the armors, with the added benefit of splitting the bonuses from the vanilla paint jobs. The paint jobs are shiny, as if the Lone Wanderer was decorating and maintaining their Power Armor suit(s) like cherry racing cars. It even supports Legendary Modifications, another mod I use, which allows one to apply one's own Legendary effects to weapons, armor, and even Power Armor pieces (and one can determine, during installation, how easy or hard that should be). The Power Armor Garage has been around for a long time, and though it hasn't been updated in awhile, it hasn't really needed it: the paint jobs from "Far Harbor" and "Contraptions Workshop" work just fine, and another modder was kind enough to patch the mod so that the Tesla Armor from "Automatron" also gets the paint options. But best of all, the Power Armor Garage lets you build up a special Advanced version of each type of Power Armor, that holds multiple enhancements for each piece. Repairing this is a challenge though: you have to craft component parts individually, as opposed to throwing Aluminum, Steel, Adhesive, etc. at the problem. The mod uses a lot of plugins, so I recently combined them in FO4edit to reduce the plugins count.

And now: radio mods. The fist mod I ever really installed was More Where That Came From, which bolstered the Diamond City playlist with another 111 songs. Note: this required the modders to curtail some of the DJ's song-specific commentary, so folks generally advise one to wait until one has heard all of Travis' patter for each song before loading this mod. "Skeeter!" Anyway, that stuff goes away, so do hold off.

Second up is Old World Radio - Boston, which has 21 stations, almost all of which have their own DJ (many of whom are impressions of celebrities, such as Bobcat Goldthwait, Morgan Freeman, and Christopher Walken). The DJs have their own stories and situations that they discuss between songs, and they are very entertaining. There's even a station with old nuclear war emergency training tapes.

Last but not least: WRVR, which expands on the existing WRVR locale, and adds an entertaining new companion, DJ Casey Kessler, fully voiced by the mod author. The station has some nice music, a stab at a radio play, and amusing commentary by the DJ. Still a WIP, but so are many other mods. This one is worthwhile in its current state.

And with that, I close for now. More mods later!

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